All the orders will be send in appropriated packaging, included in the price of the shipping.
Maximum size:
- Box: Length + Height + Width = 200 cm., without the longest side exceeding 105 cm.
- Roll/Tube: Length = 100 cm., Diameter = 15 cm.
Minimum size:
- Box: 14 x 9 cm.
- Roll/Tube: L + Twice the diameter = 17 cm., without the longest side being smaller than 10 cm.
The mailings with dimensions inferior to the minimum will wear the label of 10 x 7 cm. that indicates the address and the postage.

All the orders will be send as “Priority international delivery“ , The addressee signs for receipt and all deliveries are covered by a full loss warranty. (Countries that accept this service)

Delivery periods:
- Europe : from 7 to 15 working days (average term according to the origin/destination)
-Other destinations : depends of the country.

Delivery checking:
At the reception of your order, you must immediately check the good condition of the ordered article. If the article suffered damage, you must imperatively immediately announce it to the conveyor by mentioning it on the receipt. In the contrary case, it will be impossible for us to ensure refunding of it.
Be careful when unpacking your order, we are not responsible for damage occurring during the unpacking of the box

After the reception , you have seven working days to return a product which would not be appropriate to you but it will be your charge. The article should not present obvious marks of damage, out those notified to the conveyor. You will then be able to change your order with the same article value or higher value, or to ask to be refunded.

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If you have an enquiry regarding any products or if you want to know the status of a shipment, please contact me.